Our Story

Brazilian native, Raquel Furtado passion for health and nature started early in life but it wasn’t until she started her journey to overcome an illness that Raquel really discovered her talent for developing and creating recipes that were unique and powerful. Being born and raised in Brazil’s tropical climate gave her the fortunate experience of having medicinal plants, herbs and super foods, many of which could be found in her backyard.  Raquel is the founder and creator of Pitanga Juice,  the name is inspired by Brazil’s unique ingredients and from Raquel’s love for the healing power of foods.

Her new physical location in Brooklyn has given her the opportunity to explore her creativity and further her food concept with a well balanced juice bar café. The menu is vegetarian, organic and NON-GMO. Pitanga is certified local and truly believes in high quality ingredients and sustainability. Pitanga is working in becoming Plastic free (petrolium free), and 100% compostable, using plant base materials only.